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New Blog

Published: 11 Feb 2019
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Welcome To My New Blog

You will notice that a lot of my older articles have been scraped off the face of this planet. And that is because I used to host my blog off a really dodgy (but cheap) wordpress host.

Well.. long story short, they got bought up by a bigger company, and during their migration they lost all my data. It tought me a lesson to always backup my work and data especially if your work and data are being hosted by fishy third parties.

My new blog is made in GatsbyJS which is a framework written ontop of react.js. Its deployed using Netlify and my blog is hydrated from my content that I curate on contentful.

...Anyways. Stay tuned for normal programming. I will be writing more in the future about akka.net, IdentityServer4, and ASPNET Core as I always have. Take it easy 🙏