I am Lutando 🙋🏾‍♂️

I am a backend software engineer in Stockholm, Sweden, at Playground Tech. I focus on building domain driven design centered solutions to business problems. Most of my day to day dealings involves me coding in C#/.NET Core, or lurking within a couple of slack communities, like this one, or this one. If you want to check out my resume feel free to go here.

In my "spare time" I moonlight as the author and maintainer of Akkatecture, my passion project. Akkatecture is a CQRS & event sourcing framework built ontop of akka.net. Right now it is being used by a few folks, and is gaining momentum slowly but surely. If you want to get a hold of me in real time with regards to the project, contact me on the project discord 😊.

Prior to entering the job market, I completed my MSc Computer Science at the University of Cape Town, I managed to published a paper or two while I was at it. I spent most of my student life doing internships or teaching students on campus.

I also make music as a creative outlet, I get a huge kick out of sound design.

Oh one last thing ☝️! check me out on socials below, also head out to my blog for my ramblings.